You will have heard the saying ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ that gets you a foot in the door. This was certainly true when I started out after completing my BA at Victoria. Having a flatmate with a job in a recruitment agency, who told me about their need for a […]

When I first started working at Victoria University in the immensely interesting Antarctic Research Centre (ARC), I was asked to take minutes at a monthly meeting. An hour later and hopelessly confused by no fewer than 22 acronyms and initialisms including the likes of ANDRILL, IODP, SDO, RICE, ENSO, MIS and VUWAE, I needed help. […]

Whittaker’s has just launched their latest creation – a blend of the Kiwi classic K Bar and chocolate. Perhaps this is a reflection of changing times – once all you needed were hard skills which allowed you to gnaw away on the original tooth-breaking bar, but now you require a combination of both the soft […]

It’s Leadership Week at Victoria and we encourage you to think about leadership and how you can develop your own leadership skills. On campus there are many opportunities to participate in leadership roles. Check out the Get Involved webpages and look for roles such as Campus Coach, Club Executive, Class Rep, Student Representative and Team […]

It’s National Volunteer Week which celebrates the vital contribution of New Zealand’s approximately 1.2 million volunteers to social development, the economy and the environment. This year the focus is on time – recognising that volunteers need to make time for volunteering in their busy schedules, and thanking volunteers for their time. Make time – Whai […]

You have a decision to make. A big one with two options. It involves your immediate future and impacts on your study or career path. Do you: a) Toss a coin – after all, life’s a bit random however you look at it b) Put if off until tomorrow, you’ve got more fun things to do […]

In case you missed them, here are five of our most popular blog posts from Victoria Careers and Employment. Enjoy. Should referees be included in a CV? What does penultimate year mean? How to address a cover letter Yours sincerely vs Yours faithfully Got a job offer? Great! Oh…wait…you have an offer but want another! […]