The guidelines below are based on the Telegraph’s beginner’s tips on how to play Pokémon Go. Uni students can take note and use the same tactics when playing JobHunting Go. Please note this is fictitious and we have not yet developed JobHunting Go – we reserve the copyright when it does happen!! Use the tracker […]

Last week the Victoria Plus Programme, which helps students develop leadership, social responsibility and employability skills, invited the Sustainable Business Network and Conscious Consumers to talk to students. It was a good turn out…. and a very interesting session. In our personal lives, places of study and at work, sustainability is a word you hear […]

This time of year is graduation. Graduands of all disciplines are donning their caps and listening to words of wisdom at their ceremonies. Honoured by the academics and professional staff at their institutions. Celebrated by proud families and friends. As you go forth into new adventures you may remember the big milestones, the unforgettable ups […]

In association with Volunteering NZ, Victoria University is celebrating all the fantastic students who volunteer on our campuses and in the community this week. We have a wealth of stories to share. This booklet focuses on some of the roles students get involved with at Victoria. Many students also help in their communities and connect […]

Reading this article on The Week made me consider whether our valuable transferable skills developed while gaining higher level qualifications at University might be under threat. Will computers soon be able to not only solve complex problems, analyse, critically assess but even provide perception and insight at extremely high levels? An AI machine ‘AlphaGo’ has beaten man […]

This admiral’s inspiring speech will convince you to make your bed every morning. This inspiring speech got me thinking about starting every day with as positive an attitude as possible. It’s sometimes the small things that keep us going and this video clip reinforces that for me. I am a great believer in ‘to do’ lists […]

Dreaming about owning your ideal car, whether a cute mini, an off road Ute or a Ferrari, is something most of us ponder. Imagine if it became a reality. Would you then not care for it? Unlikely! You would ensure it was serviced and maintained especially since a service history usually adds to the resale […]

Victoria University offers a service and leadership programme to all its students. Completion of Victoria Plus is formally acknowledged on the academic transcript and noting it on a CV helps a student stand out in competitive graduate job markets. So why should you get involved? Here are ten reasons from a few of our 2015 Award finishers: […]

Thinking about future career plans? Then consider what’s happening in organistions they call ‘digital disruptors’. Are you keeping up to date with the skills required for these types of companies? Digital disruption has already happened and the situation is changing all the time. World’s largest taxi company owns no taxis (Uber) Largest phone companies own no infra (Skype/WeChat) […]

This is the time of year when you are finishing up the Trimester with internal assessments or exams. Even if you haven’t worked as hard as you could, you should – and in most cases will – finish. It’s a great accomplishment to see things through, stick with things until the end and show commitment […]