Working in the careers and employment space means I am tuned in to a wide range of topics from the economy to education and often blog about the more serious side of career development and job search. However, on the way to work I had a giggle when the radio presenters featured jokes from the […]

Are you preparing to transition into a graduate job or starting part-time work, involving writing. Then check out this recent blog post from Grammarly for some quick and easy ways to make your business writing better.

It’s exam time at Victoria University and that always leaves you a bit down in the dumps until you can recover and recuperate. Perhaps you are lacking energy for your career planning. You need some inspiration! I went to the first night of the Banff film festival tour last night in Wellington. If you get a chance […]

To new students at Victoria University (myself included), the Mount Street Cemetery may come across as one of the more peculiar sites in Wellington. As it is perched on the hill directly next to the university, I have come across it often and have already integrated it as part of the character of Victoria. The […]

I really like this song “I got bills”. It’s upbeat but still hits a chord that we all have to hold down jobs to pay the bills and as students this is usually a part time or vacation job. There are many part-time jobs to choose from and while we prefer them to be study related, […]

Having a genuine interest in the sector you wish to work in is really important. This may sound obvious but the more I talk to students the more I realise they often do not consider this or they have few opinions about it. For marketing jobs I’d say this is critical. So, you are studying […]

Over the years at recruitment presentations, careers expos and in consultation I have heard the question to employers (and it’s a good one) “what are you really looking for at the interview stage?” I have also heard the answer a fair few times. It is slightly different for every organisation, depending on the HR and […]

All our experiences give us opportunities to improve and practice key skills which will help us with our future careers. OWEEK is no exception so here are five top tips for when and where you can practice important employability skills: 1. Planning – Make sure you understand what new students’ orientation is about – sort […]

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in our fast changing economy helps prepare you for jobs of the future or at the very least can help with conversation topics! As someone with an Arts background this interest in business didn’t necessarily come easily to me but it is actually really fascinating. Students and […]

When is a good time to think about what job you will do after graduation? Well Careers Advisors would suggest before and during your University degree to ensure you are prepared, rather than at the end or after! How many times have you been asked by family or friends what you intend to do on […]