Drinking at career functions – the etiquette can be awkward. What if you love to drink and what if you don’t drink at all? I’ve found that in New Zealand, many networking/career/social functions revolve around drinking alcohol. In particular, with holiday functions coming up, how much should you drink? Here is an article and infograhic […]

Recently I came across a blog talking about the need to keep a “Shadow Resume” handy for those civilian roles where they probably don’t actually want to know how educated you have become. True, some PhD students and graduates strategically leave off their amazing accomplishment as to not stupefy their potential employer. This is known as […]

Whether or not you have actual ‘work’ experience is not necessarily what counts. It’s how you ‘sell’ your experience to an employer. Think back across your experiences. What did you do that demonstrated initiative? Flexibility? Intercultural communication? Tell a story – the Careers way. Employers don’t especially want to hear the ins and outs of […]

Life may seem a bit complicated when you are expecting and working. So, it is good to make plans for a smooth transition. You cannot know when the baby will arrive and when you will be ready financially, emotionally, physically to return to work. Luckily, you can still plan ahead. Here are some tips: Keep […]

A great way to explore your career options is to hear about what it is like to work in a field that you are interested in. You can conduct an informational interview before you are actually looking for work, so it takes away the pressure. Not only do you generate some excellent connections, but you […]

It is that time of year again where various disciplines are meeting to discuss novel ideas, innovations, or perhaps simply those time trusted debates. Reasons to get involved as a student: 1. Evaluate what jobs are out there Experience what it could be like to actually work in the field you’re studying. Perhaps you’ll be […]

Four ways to get your CV in the trash can: Are you guilty? 1. A whacky email? Might it be time to retire BeachBabe@UNprofessional.org  2. A flashy photo? Rejection! Let the words do the talking. 3. Any tYpo? Enough said. 4. Your freaky Facebook? We know how much you like to have fun! However, to […]

Is your motivation to earn a degree based on your intrinsic desire to achieve; what your parents want; or perhaps simply to land a decent job or start a dream career? So, do you actually need a degree? It is true that some occupations don’t necessarily value the traditional education training (e.g. some creative industries). […]

We hear a lot about focusing on studying disciplines that will link to a specific career objectives, but what about simply developing the skills, knowledge, and competencies that enable us to be successful in a variety of fields? One of the benefits to being university educated is the ability to think critically and creatively and […]

It has been just over a month since 2013 began. How are you doing with your resolutions? A Goal is a well-defined target that: Gives you clarity and focus Provides direction Motivates you Inspires you When you set your goals it is best to follow the SMART rules: Writing down your goals and publishing them […]