Is your motivation to earn a degree based on your intrinsic desire to achieve; what your parents want; or perhaps simply to land a decent job or start a dream career? So, do you actually need a degree? It is true that some occupations don’t necessarily value the traditional education training (e.g. some creative industries). […]

We hear a lot about focusing on studying disciplines that will link to a specific career objectives, but what about simply developing the skills, knowledge, and competencies that enable us to be successful in a variety of fields? One of the benefits to being university educated is the ability to think critically and creatively and […]

It has been just over a month since 2013 began. How are you doing with your resolutions? A Goal is a well-defined target that: Gives you clarity and focus Provides direction Motivates you Inspires you When you set your goals it is best to follow the SMART rules: Writing down your goals and publishing them […]

Many of us juggle our responsibilities: family commitments, study and work. Where do we put ourselves in this list? Remember the old adage: look after yourself first. Otherwise we won’t have energy for our other responsibilities. So, how do we recharge our batteries? Recreation is the re-creation of energy. Yet the definition of recreation varies […]