I ask the question but am relying on you dear reader to be sufficiently curious to find the answer for yourself. Leadership is a journey not a destination. Whether you are seeking to understand those who lead you, or to become a leader yourself, ‘good’ leadership is something that it is important that we all […]

A well written CV is a pleasure to read and creating a pleasurable and informative reading experience for your audience should always be your primary objective. In his article at Vault.com, How to Write a Resume Like Hemingway, Derek Loosvelt suggests that the writing philosophy and work of this influential and celebrated American writer can provide […]

As a Career Consultant I am endlessly fascinated by the world of work. What we do to for a living and how we came to do it. The place of work in our lives, whether we work to live or live to work. Whether we enjoy the jobs we do and the ‘what’ and ‘why’ […]

Feeling comfortable with being ‘on-camera’ and also having the technical skills to set up your end of a Skype or video interview, is an increasingly useful skills set for students and graduates. As a student you can collaborate on projects easily with students in other locations and from other institutions, and as a graduate you […]

You’ve probably read articles and blogs proclaiming the demise of the CV, but as Mark Twain said in response to a similar announcements in relation to himself, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!” As a Career Consultant I do what I can to dismiss this persistent rumour, but what’s the story behind this claim? […]

I’ve always loved ABBA songs…yes I admit it although others won’t. A few months ago browsing in Te Omanga Hospice Shop in Petone, I came across ABBA Gold the DVD and later at home exercised my lungs for an hour singing along to their greatest hits. But I digress. I have a reason for paraphrasing an ABBA […]

I was thinking today about New Zealand’s courageous athletes who will shortly head off to Rio de Janeiro to represent our country. Their individual journeys will have involved many acts of mental and physical courage and they will continue to draw on these in the challenging weeks ahead. Aristotle said, ‘you will never do anything […]