Last month, I talked a bit about how to be like Loki and ace a job application by telling the truth. Using the Norse god of lies as a case study, we talked about what not to say in a job interview. So now let’s look at part two of the Loki Model: asking the […]

Years ago, before Tom Hiddleston picked up the helmet and destroyed New York City, a friend of mine told me a story about Loki. The story goes that one day (probably due to boredom) everybody’s favourite Norse god went down to the mortal realm to get a job working for a King. The King, while […]

Have you ever had to go to a presentation or a lecture and felt as if you’d wandered into one of Charles M Schulz’s Peanuts comics? Learning a new skill often requires learning a whole new vocabulary, so with that in mind, I’ve gathered together a list of words which are often used here at […]

With the three-minute thesis competition fast approaching, it’s time to answer a question. It’s the one question every Post-Grad student dreads. “So. What’s your thesis about?” Whether it’s asked by your lecturer, your office-mate, a fellow student or a well-meaning aunt, you have one of two options: either babble inarticulately for half an hour, explaining […]

It’s official: the best job you can have in New Zealand is selling shoes. At least, that’s what the IBM Kenexa survey for 2013 reports. Nearly 200 New Zealand businesses ask their employees to complete the survey every year, in order to determine which company New Zealanders most enjoy working for. Employers compete for a […]

Although Oscar Wilde once claimed that “hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing to do”, many people these days are striking out on their own, creating and running their own businesses. Whether or not it’s setting up that dream café by the beach, starting a tour group to show off the […]