A topic that often comes up in conversation with friends my age is that our generation is, in many ways, so different from our parents’. This can often make it difficult when going to them for advice. Our parents have our best interests at heart, but all too often their advice is based on what […]

I think taking a gap year is underrated. By this I’m referring to a year between high school and uni. You could take a gap year during your studies, or even after your studies, but for the purpose of this opinion piece ‘gap year’ will refer to doing something different for a year between high […]

My biggest regret about my undergraduate years is not studying what I was really passionate about. If I could do it all again (and there’s no reason why I can’t) I would spend a bit longer getting my degree, but include a variety of interest papers to get a feel for other subject areas. Sometimes […]

Now that my Māori class has finished, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands. This combined with a feeling I’ve had for a while now of wanting to do something fulfilling is what led me to think of using my time to volunteer. If you can do something to help someone else and […]

Turning 27 and finally feeling something like an adult has come with thinking to the future and having to do what you have to do as an adult and make important decisions. I came across an article on The Wireless a little while back which I thought would be the answer to all my problems; […]

I came across an interesting article a while back on a site called The Quiet Revolution: Advice and stories for introverts and extroverts alike on how to appreciate our quiet sides. The article was called Why Creative People are Rarely Seen as Leaders. Even the title was maharahara or thought-provoking (I’m learning some great vocab at […]

Not something I claim to be an expert on – middle-age and the crises that I’ve heard come with it, but I came across this article on making a mid-life career shift which I subsequently forwarded to my mother who fits into the aforementioned category (I hope she doesn’t read this – although since using […]