Volunteering overseas isn’t just altruistic – it can be a powerful way to advance your career. Feeling a burning desire to do some good in the world? The opportunities for volunteering overseas are plentiful these days, and the rewards can be huge. But if you consider your options carefully, a volunteer experience can be more […]

Have you ever wanted to do Outward Bound?  Did you think your opportunity had past?  Well…. I have good news for you!  Opportunities are abound! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Outward Bound, it is located in the Marlborough Sounds, and it offers a programme of outdoor adventure courses which are all about […]

Do you know what makes you happy?  Do you know what brings joy to your life? Happiness can come from anywhere: getting an interview for a job, travelling overseas, volunteering, starting a relationship, recovering from ill health, relaxing with a good book, meeting up with friends, scoring that ultimate job, even getting likes on Facebook! […]

Have you recently finished your degree?  Are you surrounded by friends who have work already?  Are you wondering ‘what about me’ /  where’s my job?  Are you trying to keep yourself motivated while you search CareerHub, Seek, Govt jobs, TradeMe jobs, Indeed etc. for that elusive job?   Austin Kleon has some useful tips here […]

I read a great article this week by Alyse Kalish “5 Things Your Youngest Co-Worker Wishes You Knew”. At some stage in everyone’s working career we have been the young person / newbie in the workplace.  It can be intimidating starting a new job, let alone when you feel the slight disconnect due to generational […]