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Over the last few months the Careers and Employment team converted a busy schedule of on-campus employer events to digital format. As we enter T2, we’re very excited to be offering on-campus events again, including sessions from Deloitte, GovTech and Oranga Tamariki. However, webinars are here to stay, and employers will also be engaging via this medium going forward. Since we got a crash course in digital networking, and observed many of […]

The year has barely begun to turn yellow an autumnal and already so much has happened. This is no longer a new year blog! In the wake of recent tragic events in Aotearoa, it is hard to focus. However in a way, planning for another year of career seminars and events, is a good opportunity […]

Here in the Careers team, we call this month “March Madness”. There are opportunities for students to meet potential employers every day if they want to, which we know can be overwhelming! The good news is – we’ve done it before. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through these crazy weeks, so […]

We have our Campus Expo and ICT Expo coming up in May. Campus Expo – Thursday 11th May, 11am-2pm ICT Expo – Friday 12th May, 12-2pm This is a great opportunity to network and make an impression with a potential new employer! These previous blogs can help you make the most of this face to face […]

Dreaming about owning your ideal car, whether a cute mini, an off road Ute or a Ferrari, is something most of us ponder. Imagine if it became a reality. Would you then not care for it? Unlikely! You would ensure it was serviced and maintained especially since a service history usually adds to the resale […]

Career Expos are a great way to meet potential employers in an informal, easy, non-intimidating way. It offers you the opportunity to meet the ‘face’ of the organisation and really get an understanding of them in a way you can never get from just reading the recruitment material.   The way in which employers engage with […]

Employers come along to career fairs to promote their profile, brand, career opportunities and provide valuable networking time for interested students. Previous blogs highlight the importance of reviewing your networking strategies for face to face meeting – everyone has to network!  You can’t challenge the fact that if you want a great career, it requires […]

If you need a compilation of tried and tested tips for successful networking at careers expos or other events, where there are opportunities to meet face to face with employers and other personnel in your field then read on. People hire people and so are the route to employment and other opportunities.  This is far from profound but is often […]

Have you been considered what you intend to do with your degree after university? Do you have career aspirations or an idea of the industry you want to work in? If you like something enough, you’ll find time to make it happen. Doing what you love can be a passion or a hobby, a job […]

In the aftermath of our recent commerce & law careers expo, here’s some quick tips to help you perform better and make the right impression with potential employers in 2014. Prepare… Most if not all expos these days will have an informational site that advertises the event and showcases the participating employers, use it to […]