Not quite sure what you want to do with your Law degree? In the flurry of recruitment activities at the beginning of our academic year, it is easy to get the impression that there are a narrow range of highly-contested options if you are a law student seeking internships or a graduate. And yes, […]

Can’t I just focus on getting through my degree before I start thinking about a job!?

Well… no. Not if you want a graduate job.

Have you recently finished your degree?  Are you surrounded by friends who have work already?  Are you wondering ‘what about me’ /  where’s my job?  Are you trying to keep yourself motivated while you search CareerHub, Seek, Govt jobs, TradeMe jobs, Indeed etc. for that elusive job?   Austin Kleon has some useful tips here […]

Changing careers?  Potentially haven’t got a clue what to do?  You might need a hand.  Here’s tips on how to re-see your skills: P.S.  Sorry, Randy isn’t available for door-to-door service at Vic Careers. But do come and see our Careers consultants.  Connect through CareerHub appointments.

It’s National Volunteer Week (NVW) this week and it’s a fantastic chance to celebrate the invaluable knowledge, skill and time contributions given by Aotearoa’s past and present volunteers. This year’s theme is “There is a place for you to volunteer” or “he wahi mohou hei tuao” which highlights the diversity of volunteer opportunities, volunteers themselves, and […]

In case you missed it, we recently rolled out a CareerHub update containing a complete overhaul of the user communication settings. The upgrade will give users more control over what type of communications they wish to receive from the team here at Careers and Employment. Why not take a look at the new settings by clicking here, or you can navigate to them from […]

The short answer, a lot!

But to make this revelation a little more interesting and a bit more useful to you, I decided to round up some CareerHub activity stats and present them in a nice, big, shiny infographic.

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The Victoria CareerHub is the best way for new students to get help finding jobs and see how they can plan their career alongside their studies. This is a service brought to you by Vic Careers, 14 Kelburn Parade.  As soon as you are enrolled you can use your student login to register. Go to myVictoria/Careers & […]