Whittaker’s has just launched their latest creation – a blend of the Kiwi classic K Bar and chocolate. Perhaps this is a reflection of changing times – once all you needed were hard skills which allowed you to gnaw away on the original tooth-breaking bar, but now you require a combination of both the soft […]

I don’t like it when I make mistakes. So I’m reading Atul Gawande‘s book, The Checklist Manifesto. While on the one hand, most of our best learning comes from the mistakes we make, they are also really annoying/embarrassing and can cost time and money to fix.  In some jobs they cost lives or millions of dollars.  In Gawande’s […]

In case you missed them, here are five of our most popular blog posts from Victoria Careers and Employment. Enjoy. Should referees be included in a CV? What does penultimate year mean? How to address a cover letter Yours sincerely vs Yours faithfully Got a job offer? Great! Oh…wait…you have an offer but want another! […]

The reasons we procrastinate when we are, preparing to cold call that employer or writing that cover letter seem to be same as those behind delaying getting on with study.  Check out this TedYouth@TheScotsCollege talk by Vik Nithy. Vik was the founder of 3 companies at the age of 20, including his own marketing consulting firm.  This is despite […]

‘Writing’ a CV that will get the ‘OK’ from a busy recruiter requires good sentence structure, pertinent content,  concise but informative descriptions, a logical sequence of information and good presentation. Most students and graduates can achieve this with a little help. However ‘creating’ a ‘stellar’ CV, involves four additional steps to more fully engage the […]

To do or not to do?  Should you write a personal statement on your CV or not?  A personal statement is an optional section of your CV, so it can be left out.  However, a well written personal statement can be just the thing that makes your CV stand out from the crowd and entice […]

Here at Careers and Employment, we are often asked how to address a cover letter. It’s a seemingly small thing but a correctly addressed (and formatted) letter will make a better first impression. Each cover letter you write should be customised, and that includes addressing your letter to a person and not an organisation. Try […]

Internship and graduate recruitment has started. If you are new to the game, you may want to familiarise yourself with the process before starting. Even if you have been through the process before, it’s still worth to have a quick refresher before you start. Often, candidates get caught out/kicked out at early stages because they […]

In the last couple of weeks quite a few students have asked me about referees. Were they important? Did you need to include them on your CV? Do employers really contact referees? How many referees do you need to give? And most importantly, who do you choose to be a referee? In most cases, employers […]

Years ago, before Tom Hiddleston picked up the helmet and destroyed New York City, a friend of mine told me a story about Loki. The story goes that one day (probably due to boredom) everybody’s favourite Norse god went down to the mortal realm to get a job working for a King. The King, while […]