This award winning short film is a satire on the recruitment selection process in the corporate world. Watch and be warned! If you are planning to apply for summer internships or graduate roles in the upcoming Graduate Recruitment Programme, are you prepared? How will you stand out from the crowd? Make sure you visit the […]

March has been a particularly busy month for summer internships and these are mostly targeted to ‘penultimate year’ students. Many students are unclear about what this means. Your penultimate year is the second last year of study before you graduate. • If you are completing a 3-year degree, your penultimate year is your 2nd year […]

Assessment centre?

What is an Assessment Centre? What’s involved and what’s expected? How should you prepare for it?

Internship and graduate recruitment has started. If you are new to the game, you may want to familiarise yourself with the process before starting. Even if you have been through the process before, it’s still worth to have a quick refresher before you start. Often, candidates get caught out/kicked out at early stages because they […]

An inescapable fiscal reality facing many countries is that government purses are increasingly likely to contain less with which to finance the public sector, even as the task of delivering services to an aging, less culturally homogenised population with new patterns of employment and unemployment, becomes more complex and more costly. Against this slightly gloomy […]

Since March through May is a heavy recruitment time for summer internships and graduate positions, just about every second student coming into our office is asking for advice on interviews. Louise has written an excellent blog on this earlier in the month, and I thought I would just add a few additional tips. Just as […]

If you have recently been applying for grad roles or summer internships (yes, I know it’s early but companies are starting to recruit NOW for summer interns!) you may have found that in addition to submitting your cover letter, CV and perhaps completing an online application form, you have also been asked to prepare a […]