What are your ethical expectations of the workplace?

We all experience disappointment, hurt, and even anger when university course results aren’t quite what we hoped for. Sometimes we realise that the results are actually what we deserve; we simply didn’t do the work required to earn a better result. But sometimes we know that we worked incredibly hard. In this instance getting past […]

I ask the question but am relying on you dear reader to be sufficiently curious to find the answer for yourself. Leadership is a journey not a destination. Whether you are seeking to understand those who lead you, or to become a leader yourself, ‘good’ leadership is something that it is important that we all […]

Yesterday afternoon I was delighted to be involved in the signing of a partnership agreement between Victoria University’s Disability Support and Careers and Employment, and Workbridge. Aligned with Victoria’s employability strategy, this Partnership Agreement demonstrates our strong commitment to work together to increase opportunities for relevant, meaningful employment for current and recently graduated students with […]

Technology shift/evolution is the hot topic right now. Buzz words and technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Information of Everything etc are sneaking into our daily lives everywhere. But, do we really need to know? Do we have to keep up with the current? Or, is this something for […]

Do you understand what employers are looking for? Are you a student with a part-time job or a recent graduate in a new job who perhaps feels a ‘disconnect’ between the expectations of your manager and your expectations? Global organisation PayScale has just released an in-depth study of employers asking them how prepared they feel […]

We have been together for about a decade, 8 years married, probably spent more time together every week than many couples out there.

BUT it’s all coming to an end now. Ida is calling it quit! She’s leaving […]

How timely it is to have come across a good web resource for our creative students at Victoria and anyone else who loves ‘creating’ in two dimensions, three-dimensions or more. I am an admirer of New Zealand’s own fantastic resource for the creative community http://www.thebigidea.co.nz and recommend it frequently to students. However when I came […]

From Landscape Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington to Elizabeth Everdell Garden Designs in San Francisco…

Hold on to your Humbugs! Today is the 171st Anniversary of the publication of Charles Dickens’ all-time classic A Christmas Carol. Continue reading