The Wellington tertiary community is calling for entrepreneurial ideas and innovations to help enhance the experience students have in the city. The Cap App Challenge is offering $15,000 in prizes for individuals, teams or companies to imagine an app that would boost tertiary students’ everyday connection and interaction with Wellington. Finalists will be judged in […]

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Maya Angelou died this week. If you have never heard of her, please take the opportunity to learn who she is by following the links at the end of this blog – you’ll be glad that you did. She was and will remain ‘one of a kind’. I have heard her speak on TV and […]

Ever wonder why you are a bit grumpy, impatient or annoyed for no reason?  You should watch this video clip! Time for a good check up!

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If you are interested in some ‘seasonal’ extra-curricular education, Wikipedia has some fascinating information describing how ‘Christmas’ is ‘celebrated’ in fifty-five countries. Christmas, whether you see this as a religious or secular holiday, may be an interesting example of how cultures, to varying degrees, may embrace or reject, tolerate or integrate aspects of an alternative […]

It’s that time of year when the Careers team are catching up with employers and looking at recruitment trends for 2014. This morning, Ida and I went to pay a visit to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment to learn more about the Procurement Graduate Programme currently being advertised on CareerHub. Procurement? What kind of […]

The prospect of having our need for ‘work-life balance’ validated by an employer can be a deal-closer for many of us wishing to secure work and a career but also wanting to have a personal life. Employers realize this as is evidenced by the number of them who promote work-life balance in their recruitment literature. […]

The world is changing. Fact. My colleague Belinda focused on the social media changes in her recent blog but another You Tube video points to how fast our entire world is changing It’s interesting to consider how these changes will impact on our work environments. I don’t have the answers but it’s something I […]

World’s Most Reputable Companies Reputation Institute, a global private consulting firm based in New York, has identified 100 companies that have successfully established strong international reputations. The firm invited about 48,000 consumers across 15 markets to participate in a study to rank those 100 by their reputations. They are all multinational businesses with global presence. […]