We all experience disappointment, hurt, and even anger when university course results aren’t quite what we hoped for. Sometimes we realise that the results are actually what we deserve; we simply didn’t do the work required to earn a better result. But sometimes we know that we worked incredibly hard. In this instance getting past […]

South Korea and Samsung, one of the country’s industrial giants, achieved a world-first in the development of militarized robots, and another when South Korea used this technology to protect its borders with North Korea. South Korea have this week achieved yet another world first in relation to robotic technology in courageously announcing their intention to […]

Chapter One Chapter Two “James, I hope you realise how serious this is…” says inspector Sam. Sam is in charge of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) down at the Wellington police station. He’s leading the investigation on the fallout from project “ickyweb”. The interview room at the Wellington police station is bare and cold, much […]

One thing we take for granted, at least I do, is that our organisations behave ethically.  The definition of ethics I’m using is ‘a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.’ Sometimes there are people in an organisation who treat others rudely or unfairly.  They […]

Chapter One This is how it started. An interview. It took me 17 weeks to get here – 33 failed applications and one unsuccessful phone conversation with HR to be exact. I have learnt that there are only so many ways one can put together a rejection letter – “Thank you for showing interest… we […]

“You’re fired!” yells my director. “Pack up your things and don’t come in tomorrow” he continues. “HR will sort out….” The room starts to spin. How did it come to this? I was the star employee at the company, outperforming all my peers two years in a row. I had excelled in every single performance […]