The beginning of the academic year is a pretty full on time for staff and students so the Easter break provided a welcome opportunity to rest, reflect and re-charge. While I was on my break I got to thinking about work-life balance. Employment New Zealand define this as: “…effectively managing the juggling act between paid […]

If you’re starting university as a new student, you’re likely to be dealing with a mix of excitement, trepidation and nerves. Leaving home for the first time, being in a new city and surrounded by thousands of unfamiliar faces can be overwhelming and you may have the sense of feeling out of place ‘como un […]

There are so many travel opportunities available to us – whether it is a gap year after high school, a semester abroad, or an OE after university. Sometimes it can be difficult deciding whether to travel, or to start your career – and even harder to leave your career to travel. But who says you […]

Top of my New Year’s resolution list when the clock struck midnight was to be more assertive in 2017. I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about this, but just knew that I would be a lot happier in both my personal and professional life if I put my own needs at least on par […]

There’s always a sense of freedom that accompanies the roll-over of a new year. We usually feel a renewed sense of optimism “this year I will do X” which results in lots of us making goals and resolutions (some which stick, some which don’t). Personally, I’m focusing on my well being which includes learning how […]

I am not usually one to advise students to spend lots of wasted hours looking at suggested posts on their Facebook feed, getting side-tracked into the lives of people they hardly know and generally filling one’s head with nonsense. Although, a good giggle at certain memes can certainly lighten up the working day. However, I have […]

I’d like to claim some kind of greater powers, having written about earthquakes and careers mere weeks before, hot on the heels of a Trump win in the US, there was a major 7.6 quake, centered near Kaikoura in the South Island.  The quake has taken two lives, paralysed Kaikoura and North Canterbury and severely rattled our […]