Employers expect that in your application for a position with them, you demonstrate that your writing is grammatically correct and clear, and that you provide specific evidence that you meet their requirements.   As a Career Consultant in the Careers and Employment team, I see frequent examples of poor grammar in CVs, cover letters, application […]

Is your LinkedIn profile different to your CV?  Is your profile ‘living’ or is it static? An article by Ms Career Girl takes a look at how we can utilise our LinkedIn profile more effectively, without recycling what is written in our CVs. They make some really great points, so next time you are on […]

We have been together for about a decade, 8 years married, probably spent more time together every week than many couples out there.

BUT it’s all coming to an end now. Ida is calling it quit! She’s leaving […]

I’ve recently come across this hilarious image: Ditto, I thought. And immediately shared it on Facebook with friends asking a question – have they ever been recruited via LinkedIn? Before I knew it, there were multiple comments: “I’ve found a contract through the site”, said one friend. “I know a person who got multiple offers through LinkedIn”, […]

From Landscape Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington to Elizabeth Everdell Garden Designs in San Francisco…

Everyone wants to know what they’re going to be in the future. When you were younger, it may have been something like a ballerina or an astronaut or a dinosaur, and when you got older, it was probably more along the lines of chartered accountant, IT technician, or lion tamer. What we rarely ask ourselves, […]

Yes – recruitment time is NOW (March) for internships and graduate roles. Is your online presence up to scratch? What would I see if I Googled you, Facebooked you, or looked you up on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter? The truth is most employers will use social media to screen applicants, check their personality, look at […]

With the three-minute thesis competition fast approaching, it’s time to answer a question. It’s the one question every Post-Grad student dreads. “So. What’s your thesis about?” Whether it’s asked by your lecturer, your office-mate, a fellow student or a well-meaning aunt, you have one of two options: either babble inarticulately for half an hour, explaining […]

If you haven’t, why not?  Do you fit into one or more of these categories? You know you need it but haven’t had the time to do anything about it. You know you need it but lack the skills and confidence do anything about it. You are a technophobe and wouldn’t know what having an online […]

Graduation may seem a long way off if you are in your early years at university. Yet the recruiting process for many internship and graduate positions starts earlier than you may think. It will help enormously if you are prepared and have a good understanding of the skills you require for certain jobs. You can […]