Ok, so it’s probably fairly obvious that this article isn’t going to supply you with everything there is to know about computers and web development, there’s just way too many subject areas and disciplines to cover, each of which require different skills, knowledge and ability. Well that, and I’m rather busy! Instead, I’m going to provide you […]

Watch an employer & employee’s battle that has gone public and viral recently! …witness how they attempted to take each out on social media! Who’s the ultimate winner?  Talking about quitting in style, the employee, Marina Shifrin has sure nailed it.  She’s bold, she’s creative, she’s not intimidated …and the best of all, she can […]

The short answer, a lot!

But to make this revelation a little more interesting and a bit more useful to you, I decided to round up some CareerHub activity stats and present them in a nice, big, shiny infographic.

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The article, ‘3 Reasons A Strong Online Photo Prompts Career Gold’ that I came across last week on the ‘Vault Careers’ website, prompted me to revisit the question of whether including a photo within a CV or in the context of internet-based job search, is a legitimate strategy. The question is more complex than it […]

I came across an interesting recent article in the Dominion Post highlighting the great importance of managing your image in the age of online permanence. Reality in today’s world is that recruiters will Google to check their prospective employees. “The embarrassing tweet. The drunken party photos. When it comes to the internet, there are no […]

World’s Most Reputable Companies Reputation Institute, a global private consulting firm based in New York, has identified 100 companies that have successfully established strong international reputations. The firm invited about 48,000 consumers across 15 markets to participate in a study to rank those 100 by their reputations. They are all multinational businesses with global presence. […]

Finding what you enjoy in work is more difficult than just thinking of what you like to do in your down time. After all, when a vocation becomes a job it can lose its shine because it’s coupled with other tasks, perhaps a lack of security or independence, no sense of meaning or contribution and maybe a […]