The kind of reflection I’m talking about isn’t your image reflected back to you.  It’s deeper than the slightly rippled image in a pool of still water, it’s mind reflection that tries to see beyond the surface. Reflection (in words) takes us one step farther – to articulating experiences after considering them deeply.  Writing it down to keep […]

Click  to download this short video to learn about reflective practice.  Sound on.  

Lately after facilitating workshops in using the ePortfolio for reflection, I wonder if those who’ve attended really understand the magic of reflection. I see lots of reflections because part of my job is to read many ePortfolios during the year.  They fascinate me; it’s amazing what the writers of these reflections have done in various […]

‘Writing’ a CV that will get the ‘OK’ from a busy recruiter requires good sentence structure, pertinent content,  concise but informative descriptions, a logical sequence of information and good presentation. Most students and graduates can achieve this with a little help. However ‘creating’ a ‘stellar’ CV, involves four additional steps to more fully engage the […]

There is a lot of research on the extent to which parents influence/have a say on a young person’s career decisions. It appears that they do, particularly Mums. As a parent of university-aged kids, I worry at both ends of the influence continuum. Am I having too much of a say with their learning and […]

Congratulations, you achieved the goal of getting into university…but so so did thousands of others. A university degree is an increasingly common commodity. So now that you’re, here it may be time to ask yourself, why was getting to university so important? Saying, because I want a degree, is a little vague and a vague […]

“I have already ruined it anyway, I may as well go all out!”
At the beginning of this year, I started off with the good intentions of […]

Victoria University offers a service and leadership programme to all its students. Completion of Victoria Plus is formally acknowledged on the academic transcript and noting it on a CV helps a student stand out in competitive graduate job markets. So why should you get involved? Here are ten reasons from a few of our 2015 Award finishers: […]

in the writing course recently we considered how resilient we are.  Resilience would be vital for the next stage of writing – finding a publisher (cross fingers) and the editing process that comes of publishing which they say is much worse than the actual creation and writing of a novel. We were introduced to the seven resiliencies […]

I have just been attending a forum on the growing concerns of employability. I am certain that you will not be surprised to hear that work experience featured quite strongly as something employers look for when recruiting graduates. But there was something else which came up several times during the course of the day – […]