When thinking about relevant skills for your graduate job social media knowledge is of interest for prospective employers, whatever position you are applying for. There can be an assumption that because you have been a student you are up to date on the latest trends and they want that latest thinking in their organisation. However, […]

Watch an employer & employee’s battle that has gone public and viral recently! …witness how they attempted to take each out on social media! Who’s the ultimate winner?  Talking about quitting in style, the employee, Marina Shifrin has sure nailed it.  She’s bold, she’s creative, she’s not intimidated …and the best of all, she can […]

The article, ‘3 Reasons A Strong Online Photo Prompts Career Gold’ that I came across last week on the ‘Vault Careers’ website, prompted me to revisit the question of whether including a photo within a CV or in the context of internet-based job search, is a legitimate strategy. The question is more complex than it […]

I came across an interesting recent article in the Dominion Post highlighting the great importance of managing your image in the age of online permanence. Reality in today’s world is that recruiters will Google to check their prospective employees. “The embarrassing tweet. The drunken party photos. When it comes to the internet, there are no […]

If social media isn’t already on your radar as a source of career information, potential career contacts and job vacancies, it really should be. I have sourced an article from one of my favourite websites that will help you navigate your way towards becoming more aware of social media’s potential in your job search and long-term […]

This week is graduation week for Victoria University and there are so many positive stories as these men and women go off onto the next stages of their lives. Many of them will stay in touch and even when they are in different locations they will use social media to maintain that professional network. LinkedIn […]

Four ways to get your CV in the trash can: Are you guilty? 1. A whacky email? Might it be time to retire BeachBabe@UNprofessional.org  2. A flashy photo? Rejection! Let the words do the talking. 3. Any tYpo? Enough said. 4. Your freaky Facebook? We know how much you like to have fun! However, to […]

Feeling comfortable with being ‘on-camera’ and also having the technical skills to set up your end of a Skype or video interview, is an increasingly useful skills set for students and graduates. As a student you can collaborate on projects easily with students in other locations and from other institutions, and as a graduate you […]

#1 Rule: Attend to the immediate people in front of you …and stay away from those fancy gadgets …yes, that includes cell phone, tablet, computer/laptop etc.! Stop this trend! http://www.makeuseof.com/tech-fun/quality-family-time-past-vs-today And this too! http://www.makeuseof.com/tech-fun/relationships-nowadays Because… http://www.makeuseof.com/tech-fun/the-wake-up-will-be-tough/ Let’s make every real time relationships count this holiday! Read also: – Christmas: Time for releflection, appreciation and celebrations! […]

It’s nearly October and end of term will be here before you know it!  Already students are starting to enquire about summer work or how to get a graduate job.  Many of you will have already heard the job hunting mantra….. Network, Network, Network!  Networking is important in the best of times, but in a […]