You may have seen the press release put out on Tuesday by the Ministry of Education with regard to salaries for tertiary graduates. Similar to previous reports, graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn on average 40% more than the national median earnings after five years in the workforce with those with post-graduate qualifications earning even […]

The reasons we procrastinate when we are, preparing to cold call that employer or writing that cover letter seem to be same as those behind delaying getting on with study.  Check out this TedYouth@TheScotsCollege talk by Vik Nithy. Vik was the founder of 3 companies at the age of 20, including his own marketing consulting firm.  This is despite […]

We all get stressed at some point in our lives, it’s not really something you can avoid unfortunately, it’s not a choice, it just happens when the going gets tough and things manage to build up and get on top of you. It’s around this time of year when it’s understandable that many students will be feeling a bit […]

We’ve written a lot of blogs about how to prepare for interviews over the years. What to wear, what to say, how to cover for that gap in your CV when you ran away to join the circus, or that bad grade you got because you didn’t realise that Godot is never actually going to […]

All our experiences give us opportunities to improve and practice key skills which will help us with our future careers. OWEEK is no exception so here are five top tips for when and where you can practice important employability skills: 1. Planning – Make sure you understand what new students’ orientation is about – sort […]

It has always been ‘known’ that listening to music affects the brain, in particular, mood and concentration and there have even been claims that it can increase intelligence. While the latter remains debatable, in recent years several research studies have indicated that certain types of music do indeed affect different parts of the brain, enhancing […]

Have you ever had to go to a presentation or a lecture and felt as if you’d wandered into one of Charles M Schulz’s Peanuts comics? Learning a new skill often requires learning a whole new vocabulary, so with that in mind, I’ve gathered together a list of words which are often used here at […]