On a daily basis we keep hearing that the world of work is changing. This is something everyone agrees with, however how to best prepare for the fast changing world of work raises a diverse range of views!  The problem is that even as I write this, a new job is created.  How do you […]

A Careers in Focus event we have coming up in July got me started thinking about big data. IBM defines big data as managing huge amounts of data and being able to process it quickly.  When trying to solve problems, uncovering the ‘truth’ that lies beneath the surface is critical and accurate evidence is required.  A […]

Technology shift/evolution is the hot topic right now. Buzz words and technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Information of Everything etc are sneaking into our daily lives everywhere. But, do we really need to know? Do we have to keep up with the current? Or, is this something for […]

According to Canadian PhD graduate destination statistics, 59 percent of PhD’s are employed in roles other than teaching and research and for the UK the figure is 64 percent.  So what are the implications for you if you are considering, or currently completing, study at this level? I imagine that almost everyone who embarks on […]

Do you understand what employers are looking for? Are you a student with a part-time job or a recent graduate in a new job who perhaps feels a ‘disconnect’ between the expectations of your manager and your expectations? Global organisation PayScale has just released an in-depth study of employers asking them how prepared they feel […]

Are you a recent graduate looking for work, and struggling with the traditional methods of applying? Are you supporting a recent graduate who is looking for work? Are you feeling as though the pace of change has just got away on you, and you don’t have enough specific knowledge/experience? This interview, on Radio NZ National’s Saturday […]

You may have seen the press release put out on Tuesday by the Ministry of Education with regard to salaries for tertiary graduates. Similar to previous reports, graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn on average 40% more than the national median earnings after five years in the workforce with those with post-graduate qualifications earning even […]

Reading this article on The Week made me consider whether our valuable transferable skills developed while gaining higher level qualifications at University might be under threat. Will computers soon be able to not only solve complex problems, analyse, critically assess but even provide perception and insight at extremely high levels? An AI machine ‘AlphaGo’ has beaten man […]

There’s a lot of negative talk from my generation (Gen x and Boomers) about millennials (those born roughly between 1980 and early 1990’s) being narcissistic, self-serving, unrealistic in expectations, cloistered and lazy. Or was that just what I was shouting through my son’s bedroom door last night? The first semester is underway and students are […]

I heard this interview on RNZ’s Sunday programme a couple of weeks ago about learning for earning; in other words the relationship between our education and income. The interviewee is Hugh Lauder, professor of Education and Political Economy at Bath University. Hugh’s sound bite expressed his concern with ‘the broken promises of education, jobs and incomes’. He talked […]