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Over the last few months the Careers and Employment team converted a busy schedule of on-campus employer events to digital format. As we enter T2, we’re very excited to be offering on-campus events again, including sessions from Deloitte, GovTech and Oranga Tamariki. However, webinars are here to stay, and employers will also be engaging via this medium going forward. Since we got a crash course in digital networking, and observed many of […]

Click  to download this short video to learn about reflective practice.  Sound on.  

Are you finishing uni soon and not sure where to next?1 Is the future exciting…but also quite daunting? It’s time to tackle your career from another angle. By connecting to someone who has ‘been there and done that’, and is willing to share their wisdom. It’s super easy. All you need to do is run a […]

This admiral’s inspiring speech will convince you to make your bed every morning. This inspiring speech got me thinking about starting every day with as positive an attitude as possible. It’s sometimes the small things that keep us going and this video clip reinforces that for me. I am a great believer in ‘to do’ lists […]

Hola a todos, I’m Rachel, the new Careers Service Administrator. It’s great to be on board! I’ve come home to Wellington after four years living in Madrid, so I thought I’d share with you how it was that I initially ended up over there in case you’re interested in doing the same thing! I came […]

There’s still time to get an entry into the APEC Video Contest and a chance to win a decent wad of cash! APEC wants to know how technology and innovation impacted you and your community. The 2015 APEC Video Contest welcomes stories of change and positive impact told through creative videos. Here, you’ll have the chance to […]

Back in May this year, a group of students from Te Puni Village in coordination with the Victoria Plus Programme, Volunteer Wellington and The Friends of Mount Street Cemetery, volunteered their time to provide some much needed care and maintenance to the cemetery. One of the Te Puni volunteers – Kahu Kutia, a first year BA Media Studies student […]

I watched a very interesting Ted Talk that really got me thinking…. I mean really thinking. Maybe not quite a lightning flash of inspiration but perhaps a 60-watt light bulb moment.  The speaker, Tony Fadell, an amazingly successful designer, was talking about what he calls ‘the first’ secret of design which he says is ‘noticing’. […]

It’s exam time at Victoria University and that always leaves you a bit down in the dumps until you can recover and recuperate. Perhaps you are lacking energy for your career planning. You need some inspiration! I went to the first night of the Banff film festival tour last night in Wellington. If you get a chance […]

I got these two links (bottom) within days of each other. It made me wonder if it was coincidence or fate. Was I supposed to reflect on the significance, shrug it off, or make something of it? It’s blog week Consider the carrot. Consider the artist.