At our Careers in Focus sessions we invite along a panel of graduates and employers who have studied your major and are doing really interesting things out there, that hopefully will make you think hmmm …how did they get there? Could I give that a go? So we encourage you to ask all kinds of […]

Volunteering overseas isn’t just altruistic – it can be a powerful way to advance your career. Feeling a burning desire to do some good in the world? The opportunities for volunteering overseas are plentiful these days, and the rewards can be huge. But if you consider your options carefully, a volunteer experience can be more […]

Hola a todos, I’m Rachel, the new Careers Service Administrator. It’s great to be on board! I’ve come home to Wellington after four years living in Madrid, so I thought I’d share with you how it was that I initially ended up over there in case you’re interested in doing the same thing! I came […]

How timely it is to have come across a good web resource for our creative students at Victoria and anyone else who loves ‘creating’ in two dimensions, three-dimensions or more. I am an admirer of New Zealand’s own fantastic resource for the creative community and recommend it frequently to students. However when I came […]

It’s National Volunteer Week (NVW) this week and it’s a fantastic chance to celebrate the invaluable knowledge, skill and time contributions given by Aotearoa’s past and present volunteers. This year’s theme is “There is a place for you to volunteer” or “he wahi mohou hei tuao” which highlights the diversity of volunteer opportunities, volunteers themselves, and […]

What is TEFL? Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  It’s a great way to travel after your degree and can provide a change after life at university, an opportunity to travel, and learn another language, and the chance to try out teaching before deciding whether a career in the classroom would suit you. You can […]

A friend of mine has a Skype interview next week and she came to me in a panic asking ‘how do I prepare? if it’s skype does it mean it’s less formal? what should I do?!’   The use of Skype for an interview, particularly if the job is in another city or country, is very […]