A comparison of writing types I found this useful page from the EIT Library and Learning Services that compares the different types of writing you may be asked to do in your studies and work. Contents The styles – what’s expected? The Hilsdon model is a simple graphic that helps you see where certain questions fit […]

I’m asking this question because I’m not an (early) morning person.  From what I’m reading lately, the answer to the above question will be yes and no. I am like a she-bear with a sore head until two coffees have been consumed before 10.30am. I have a sugar-induced spurt of productivity mid-afternoon when everyone else […]

This week is Student Volunteer Week, a time to thank and recognise our valuable student volunteers at Victoria, and to celebrate all that they do. The Victoria Plus Programme enables students to gain recognition for their significant contribution to student support and their community, as well as encouraging others to volunteer. Victoria Plus students are […]

We have our Campus Expo and ICT Expo coming up in May. Campus Expo – Thursday 11th May, 11am-2pm ICT Expo – Friday 12th May, 12-2pm This is a great opportunity to network and make an impression with a potential new employer! These previous blogs can help you make the most of this face to face […]

A recent articles titled ‘A growing number of people think their job is useless. Time to rethink the meaning of work’ caught my eye. In my careers and employability work with graduate employers and students we often look at what the world of work will look like in the future, what skills will be in demand and how […]

This is a frequently asked question that confuses almost everyone – candidates and selectors alike – so I thought I’d try to provide a path through the fog of conflicting information and advice. There is no hard and fast ‘rule’ and CV lengths will always vary. However a CV longer than 4 pages needs justification. […]

Transactional analysis (TA) and Creativity I hope you watched those videos about transactional analysis (TA), games, and gimmicks that are in my February blog, Ethics at work.  I’ve been thinking of TA ever since, especially in reference to “White House” (USA) communications. I want to focus a bit more in depth on TA before I […]