We all experience disappointment, hurt, and even anger when university course results aren’t quite what we hoped for. Sometimes we realise that the results are actually what we deserve; we simply didn’t do the work required to earn a better result. But sometimes we know that we worked incredibly hard. In this instance getting past […]

We all want to be our best selves in our spoken communication particularly when we need to connect with and impress others with our knowledge of a topic, present information persuasively, report on action taken or offer a cogent argument. One of the key ways in which we may sabotage this objective is with our […]

Self-confidence lies at the heart of many of the behaviours that we find attractive and impressive in others and affects our own ability to be successful and happy in our personal and working lives. Is this an over-statement? No. Is it easy to be confident if you are not? No. Should you still aim to increase your confidence? Absolutely. In an […]

You hear it all the time if you’ve been job searching or even thinking about getting work. If you’ve been to Vic Careers you would have heard it from us as well. Interpersonal Skills – one of the key set of skills most actively sought by employers. In fact, strong interpersonal skills always appear in […]

I sat down with a friend last night who said that she feels her lack of confidence around her weight is impacting on her job interviews. She felt that employers were judging her as soon as she walked into the room which made her feel even more nervous which in turn affected how she answered […]

It’s the end of the week and I was looking for something a bit more inspiring to post and my colleague forwarded me this article on the BBC website. If you’re feeling a bit down or frustrated about your lack of job success, take a moment to read these inspiring stories and the comments attached. […]

Do you sometimes feel your confidence ebbing away just when you need it most? Perhaps you’re about to do a presentation, chair a meeting or be interviewed for a job?  Even top executives and university lecturers who are used to ‘exuding confidence’ may have days when their confidence levels fall. For this reason tips and […]