Internship and graduate recruitment has started. If you are new to the game, you may want to familiarise yourself with the process before starting. Even if you have been through the process before, it’s still worth to have a quick refresher before you start. Often, candidates get caught out/kicked out at early stages because they […]

OK, you’re really busy…and you need to get in that job application quickly. So you rush it through and then quickly click on ‘send’. BIG MISTAKE! I’ve been recruiting this month for a role here at Vic Careers. My name was clearly stated as the contact, and if anyone had actually taken the time to […]

Working on your application for an internship or graduate job? The following is a list of things to watch out for before hitting the ‘submit’ button (according to the graduate recruiters last year). You may see some really simple and basic stuff, but the recruiters get them from applicants all the time, it’s worth running […]

Why do you need to send a cover letter with your CV?  Because if you don’t your application could end up in the bin! When preparing a covering letter, getting it right is very important.  An effective cover letter could make a difference between you getting an interview or a rejection.  So don’t waste your […]

Every time I think that we’ve probably said all we need to say about CVs, another one crosses my desk which just makes me cringe!  Despite all the information on our website, in our careers resource library and the sample CVs on CareerHub we continue to see CVs which have little if no chance of being shortlisted. […]

A recent job search article I came across on highlighted the importance of getting to grips with reality in the modern job search. “ Take it seriously, work at it, use all your contacts and focus on the results you want.” In a tight job market, entry-level graduate positions are competitive and if jobs […]

Applying for Graduate Recruitment Programme positions and internships has long been a feature of preparing for life after university.  Navigating a path through the process to a successful outcome is a rigorous test of organisation, motivation and stamina. You will be aiming for the high grades that most graduate recruiters expect, as well as attending career expos, employer presentations, career development workshops, and preparing applications for graduate jobs and internships; you may also be in part-time paid work as well as working as a volunteer. It will be an exhausting schedule at times but the prize could be a well-deserved graduate position or internship.

It’s an intensively busy time too for employers, as they set up recruitment and selection processes designed to identify exceptional candidates for their organisation; individuals who will meet their needs, display motivation and adapt to their business culture and values.  The supervision and professional development of new graduate recruits, usually takes around two years; that’s two years before the employer sees a financial return on their investment in each recruit. Robust selection processes comprehensively and objectively assess each candidate to minimise this investment risk.

Naturally not everyone will be offered a place on a graduate programme, but everyone who takes the time to engage with the graduate recruitment will be better-prepared for future job application and selection processes.  So what should you do to win the graduate recruitment game? Here are my 12 tips:

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Are you sounding sincere, or desperate? Or are you merely dumping information? Most candidates: – sells what they have: their qualifications, academic achievements, experience, skills, knowledge… thinking that the more of these qualities they own, the better they are. BUT… Employers: – already have all this information on a candidate’s CV/Resume. They need something else […]

Imagine you are Mr Fizz, The HR Director at Coca-Cola, reading applications for a Marketing Assistant. Dear Mr Fizz, I’d like to apply for a job with Pepsi… And in the first sentence, that applicant has blown their chances of a really cool job! This example came from an actual Wellington employer during graduate recruitment – a student […]

A lot of people find writing a cover letter the hardest part when applying for a job. It’s the first contact you will have with your prospective employer so a lot is riding on it to be interesting and relevant.  Don’t panic! We have an article here that will help you on your way to […]