How timely it is to have come across a good web resource for our creative students at Victoria and anyone else who loves ‘creating’ in two dimensions, three-dimensions or more. I am an admirer of New Zealand’s own fantastic resource for the creative community and recommend it frequently to students. However when I came […]

I watched a very interesting Ted Talk that really got me thinking…. I mean really thinking. Maybe not quite a lightning flash of inspiration but perhaps a 60-watt light bulb moment.  The speaker, Tony Fadell, an amazingly successful designer, was talking about what he calls ‘the first’ secret of design which he says is ‘noticing’. […]

From the clean, stylish and contemporary to the colourful and quirky and everything in-between, here’s a quick look at some of the nicer settings that some people are fortunate enough to call their workplace. Which one’s your favourite? Continue reading