This was the fourth most popular question asked of our Humanities and Social Science graduates at the August Careers in Focus session. Based on our graduates’ stories it comes back to that old chestnut, “it depends”. Sorry to whip that out again so soon. But how long it takes to land the job that “relates” […]

This is the first in the series Top career questions asked by students: questions collected from you, actual students, for our panel at the Careers in Focus event in August. The answer is: It depends. Sorry, that’s probably not want you want to hear. It’s just that there are a lot of variables to finding […]

I thought it was high time I shared a recent inspiring week before the memory faded and it was lost forever in the hum-drum of winter. I was part of the Vic Voices choir for a chunk of the first Trimester – a mix of staff, graduates and current students, including amazing Music students. We […]

I remember when I first started University I would look at the older students (those running labs and tutorials) and think to myself ‘I hope I’ll be as smart as them when I get to their stage’. Cue three years later and I didn’t feel any smarter than I did at first year so I started […]

Okay, so my blog this week might be a bit of a rant. Hey, we are all entitled to that every so often! It was sparked off at our staff meeting where we were discussing the enormous efforts we have to go to in order to ensure just a decent number of people turn up […]