How are you feeling about your upcoming exams?  Are you someone who feels like they have it sorted, or does the very thought of exams create an overwhelming feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach? I confess when I sat exams, I was more in the latter category.  Where I could, I chose […]

We all get stressed at some point in our lives, it’s not really something you can avoid unfortunately, it’s not a choice, it just happens when the going gets tough and things manage to build up and get on top of you. It’s around this time of year when it’s understandable that many students will be feeling a bit […]

It has always been ‘known’ that listening to music affects the brain, in particular, mood and concentration and there have even been claims that it can increase intelligence. While the latter remains debatable, in recent years several research studies have indicated that certain types of music do indeed affect different parts of the brain, enhancing […]

With only a few weeks left until the official study and exam period, now is a good time to start thinking about study skills and making a revision plan – and not just thinking about it, but doing something about it! Being a former A grade student in procrastination, my best intentions regarding revision were never quite enough on […]