I always find the start of January an interesting time as suddenly it’s all about starting over, starting fresh, out with the old in with the new, etc. I get why we do this, the start of a new year generally does inspire people to make changes and I’ve always felt lucky living in New […]

It has been just over a month since 2013 began. How are you doing with your resolutions? A Goal is a well-defined target that: Gives you clarity and focus Provides direction Motivates you Inspires you When you set your goals it is best to follow the SMART rules: Writing down your goals and publishing them […]

With the Olympic Games in full swing and athletes striving for their ultimate goal, it’s timely to think your own personal goals. While you have more chance of winning first division Lotto than Olympic gold, it is inspiring to see an athlete’s dream fulfilled. However as most us know, it is not always easy to […]