We all experience disappointment, hurt, and even anger when university course results aren’t quite what we hoped for. Sometimes we realise that the results are actually what we deserve; we simply didn’t do the work required to earn a better result. But sometimes we know that we worked incredibly hard. In this instance getting past […]

I watched a UK TV show last week called ‘This Time Next Year’ which has people wanting to achieve a goal within a year such as losing weight, having a baby, starting a professional sport and more. It was fascinating to watch them come on then a few minutes later have them come back to […]

Congratulations, you achieved the goal of getting into university…but so so did thousands of others. A university degree is an increasingly common commodity. So now that you’re, here it may be time to ask yourself, why was getting to university so important? Saying, because I want a degree, is a little vague and a vague […]

Keeping multiple balls in the air with apparent nonchalance is a juggler’s fantasy, but a student’s nightmare, particularly in the final year of university.  Daily study commitments, tests, assignments, preparation for fieldwork and work placements, maintaining part-time work, graduate job applications and interviews, campus and community volunteering, plus trying to have a personal life, all cause pressure and pressure always has the potential to lead to stress.

So here’s a gentle reminder. Take care of yourself. Eat healthily and ensure that you have enough sleep.  If you start to feel that your life-barometer is moving from ‘full-on’ to ‘out of control’ get help immediately.  Student Services are here to support you. You want the best possible result from your time at university, and so do we.

If you have some free time over the break, visit the Student Services pages just to be sure that you know what help is available. So many students at the end of their time at university come to see us at Career Development and Employment (Vic Careers) and tell us that they wish they had been aware of the service and used us earlier. While most students seem aware of Student Accommodation, Student Counselling, Student Health and Student Learning Support, there is less awareness of the other Student Services and what they offer, so take the time to learn more. http://www.victoria.ac.nz/home/viclife/studentservice/

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I like the start of a new year – a good holiday break, a fresh start and a new year to look forward to… In the beginning of the year, I usually will have this gigantic vision of what I would like to achieve in this new year. However, over the years, I realise that […]

It’s that time of the year again – the end of the current year and the beginning of a new year! Time to review and ask ourselves the following questions: Have I accomplished what I have set out to achieve this year? What’s my goal for the new year? What do I want to do with […]