In this edition of the keyboard shortcut series – Google Chrome, my (and the world’s) favourite web browser. If you’re not already using Chrome and have managed to stumble your way here in the passenger seat of a lesser browser, go forth and download, you won’t regret it. It just works! OK, Chrome promotion over. With your […]

At this time of the year the media is full of lists – not the wishful ones to the jolly fellow with the beard, but the best of everything for 2012.  Best books, music,  movies, websites, and even best goalkeepers. Google has just released their annual ‘Zeitgeist’ list, which analyses the most popular online search […]

I spotted this very timely, two-part article ‘How to Get Hired by Google’ for those of you considering applying to Google…or any other high-tech company for that matter.  A half-hearted application is a waste of your time. I think this article will give you an insight into what’s required so that you can put in […]