The world of fiction is now so prominent in our everyday lives, it’s not too surprising to find yourself taking inspiration from notable quotes that are straight out of your favourite novel, film or television show. Some will be so memorable that they become a part of your day-to-day conversations – even when you’re speaking […]

It’s exam time at Victoria University and that always leaves you a bit down in the dumps until you can recover and recuperate. Perhaps you are lacking energy for your career planning. You need some inspiration! I went to the first night of the Banff film festival tour last night in Wellington. If you get a chance […]

Can you really be happy at work? Ready to jump up on a Monday morning and look forward to your work day? Some people might say….yeah, right – only in my dreams! Yet, every day, there are people who really look forward to going to work. How did they manage this? How did they get […]

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

Bruce Lee

Following on from my colleague’s blog on the World Cup office sweepstakes, I began to think about what we could learn from this World cup. I’ve been following many games sitting at the edge of my seat, nail biting in earnest. Yes, Portugal was my love, but suffering a hammering by Germany in the first […]

With exams around the corner, here is some inspiration to brighten up your difficult day. A little help with some motivation to reach your next step in preparation for your future career and dream job. To get you inspired, I have compiled some interesting inspirational career quotes, where you can take a break and reflect […]

We all have good intentions at the start of a new year, with various form of new year’s resolution in circulation. However, how many of those have you achieved over the years? All 80% 50% 10% None! If you are like me, at the bottom of the list, maybe some motivation from the great thinkers […]