Guest blog from a 4th year Commerce and Law student. When it comes to summer work, an internship is on the top of every student’s wish list. Paid holiday and clothing allowance in some cases, networking opportunities and the fact it looks great on your CV constitute only a few of the benefits of attaining […]

With competition for jobs high and employers looking for work experience, the demand for internships is increasing all the time. Whilst many of these internships are paid, we are seeing a growth in the number of unpaid internships being offered. Internships are not defined in the Employment Relations Act and unpaid interns are considered volunteers […]

Since March through May is a heavy recruitment time for summer internships and graduate positions, just about every second student coming into our office is asking for advice on interviews. Louise has written an excellent blog on this earlier in the month, and I thought I would just add a few additional tips. Just as […]

Employers are recruiting earlier and earlier each year. You wouldn’t think that you would need to  apply now for an internship at the end of the year or a graduate job next year, but that’s the reality for many organisations. Don’t miss out! This is when key employers advertise for their summer internships and graduate […]

Many students have been asking us about Internships and what they are really like.  We asked a student who has recently completed a summer internship to tell us about their experience.  Here is their story….
Employer presentations:
When I first started thinking about applying for an internship I began attending every employer presentation that I could make. This helped me fully understand the process; get a good idea of different company cultures and also made my presence known. Most employer presentations (if not all) provided an opportunity to ask questions or have a quick chat at the end of them. This gives a good opportunity to make yourself known, and also helped me in the interview process when one of the people I had spoken to at an employer presentation turned out to be one of my interviewers. This familiarity immediately helped me to feel more relaxed and confident.

The application and interview process:
I know everyone says it, but seriously, be yourself in your application. Most, if not all, of the “big 4” firms strongly value diversity, and are not looking for a particular type of person who fits a certain mould. From attending various employer presentations and talking to a few employees, one firm really stood out to me. I came away from their presentations with a strong desire to work for them because of the attitude of their staff and the atmosphere at their presentations. Work out what firm you think would be a good fit for you and be yourself in your application. If the fit is really as good as you think it is the individual firm is likely to pick it up as well.
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While I was at university, I was told: “Focus on your study, get good grades and the rest will sort itself out! And play hard too, as long as good grades are maintained.” BUT that’s only half true… The truth is there are so many graduates out there, hunting for jobs. They too, have the […]