Have you been to an interview recently? Were you asked what your strengths and weaknesses are? Did you feel you answered the ‘weakness’ question well? Or is it something you would like to work on? I came across an article in Forbes by Liz Ryan discussing this exact topic. When I am preparing for an […]

When it comes to attitudes around workplace diversity, millennials have it sorted. A recent survey by Weber Shandwick and the Institute for Public Relations asked more than 1,000 U.S. adults their perceptions about diversity and inclusion. One of the standout findings was that millennials are more tuned-in to diversity issues at work and more likely […]

Last month, I talked a bit about how to be like Loki and ace a job application by telling the truth. Using the Norse god of lies as a case study, we talked about what not to say in a job interview. So now let’s look at part two of the Loki Model: asking the […]

Reading an article on weird questions that some employers in the United States have asked at interviews, reminded me that some of our employers, here in NZ have been known to do the same.  So have you been asked a ‘quirky’ question that made you feel like a rabbit mesmerised by car headlights? Let me know what your ‘stunning’ question was.

So why is it that a small number of employers ask questions like ‘why are manhole covers usually round?’; this particular question is ‘an oldie’ generally credited to Microsoft. Sometimes a quirky question is official or unofficial company policy, or it may simply be a ‘pet question’ favoured by an individual manager or selector. Such questions would generally change regularly to maintain the element of surprise. In addition, for reasons of equity, some employers insist that interview candidates treat all aspects of the selection process, including the individual questions asked, as confidential.
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