The reasons we procrastinate when we are, preparing to cold call that employer or writing that cover letter seem to be same as those behind delaying getting on with study.  Check out this TedYouth@TheScotsCollege talk by Vik Nithy. Vik was the founder of 3 companies at the age of 20, including his own marketing consulting firm.  This is despite […]

The complex recruitment process – From the employer to the job advertisement to the applicants, can you grasp it? No? Here’s an illustration of what really happens in most cases…

Getting through recruitment process

Take a deep breath everyone, it’s that time again – Graduate/Internships recruitment time! Like it or not, the battle to earn yourself that ONE job is here! It shouldn’t be that difficult, you just need one job after all. …unfortunately, everyone else is after the one job too! Looking at the stats gathered from Victoria […]