I sat down with a friend earlier this week who has been job hunting for about 6 months now. She has been getting interviews (which is great, shows that her applications are good) but unfortunately no job offers. Here’s a sum up of our conversation that includes my top interview tips for when you’re not […]

A recent query on CareerHub followed by a couple more similar queries led me to writing this blog. The query goes something like this: If I was offered a job with Company A, but was having an interview with Company B in 2-3 days’ time (my preferred company), what is the best way to reply […]

For most of us, getting one job offer is something to be celebrated and rightly proud of. Yet, a lucky few candidates find themselves in the enviable position of having more than one offer on the table. It does make you wonder what they have that you haven’t. Sean Brunner, Director at Robert Walters recruitment consultancy suggests (Dominion […]