Looking for an internship or graduate role at the end of the year? Then you’ll need to be clued up about what employers are looking for when recruiting. Do you have business acumen? Are you commercially aware? Do you even know what these terms mean? In all of our discussions with employers, time and time […]

It’s that time of year when the Careers team are catching up with employers and looking at recruitment trends for 2014. This morning, Ida and I went to pay a visit to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment to learn more about the Procurement Graduate Programme currently being advertised on CareerHub. Procurement? What kind of […]

The short answer, a lot!

But to make this revelation a little more interesting and a bit more useful to you, I decided to round up some CareerHub activity stats and present them in a nice, big, shiny infographic.

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It’s nearly October and end of term will be here before you know it!  Already students are starting to enquire about summer work or how to get a graduate job.  Many of you will have already heard the job hunting mantra….. Network, Network, Network!  Networking is important in the best of times, but in a […]

Employers are recruiting earlier and earlier each year. You wouldn’t think that you would need to  apply now for an internship at the end of the year or a graduate job next year, but that’s the reality for many organisations. Don’t miss out! This is when key employers advertise for their summer internships and graduate […]

Knowing how to be excellent at anything sounds too good to be true, but author Tony Schwartz has provided us with six ways to do just that. Through his work with many organisations, he has found that people can build a particular skill in the same way we would a muscle: ‘push past your comfort zone, and then rest’. Schwartz draws on research by high […]

If you have ever owned a pet, say a cat or a dog, you will know how each one a distinct and unique personality. Some are cuddly and manageable, others fussy, many funny, a few aloof or downright scary.  Of course lots are are very  intelligent yet some can be just plain mad!  In the same way, there are different types of boss – not that I’m comparing […]