I found this article on the Stuff website today. The American question and answer website, Quora, asked its users what were the best things you learned in your first job? A few of the responses are summarised in the article, tying them into 8 lessons for how to succeed in the workplace and you can also […]

While I personally prefer the more attainable ‘highly competent’ to ‘perfect’ (although admittedly it doesn’t have quite the same ring…) this familiar proverb has been around for a number of years. It suggests that if we repeat something over and over we will eventually get better at it. How much we get better is entirely […]

An important question to consider, especially in today’s labour market. “Long-term exclusive employment in one job, for one employer or in a particular occupation or industry is now less common than 30 years ago. Fewer New Zealanders are involved in full-time, ongoing employment and a variety of non-standard forms of employment [such as part time, […]