Ok, so it’s probably fairly obvious that this article isn’t going to supply you with everything there is to know about computers and web development, there’s just way too many subject areas and disciplines to cover, each of which require different skills, knowledge and ability. Well that, and I’m rather busy! Instead, I’m going to provide you […]

Just last week, a student that I was chatting with made an interesting observation. He had been studying Mandarin alongside his commerce degree and, despite some initial concerns about the workload, achieved impressive grades for all his papers. However for the current trimester when he dropped his language studies, hoping to enhance his commerce grades […]

Creative Thinking is one of the Victoria University graduate attributes. Your course work embeds this attribute into what and how you study and University life offers you opportunities to develop this skill academically and through extracurricular activities. Students should consider making the most of their time to enhance this important attribute. It’s not just a natural ability that you have or don’t have. Creative thinking isn’t just for the ‘ideas person’ or the ‘artistic one’. By having a wide range of different experiences you can improve and sharpen your creative thinking. Sometimes you will make mistakes and sometimes the new ideas are not the best. Through this you learn to listen to criticism and learn by it.

Creative thinking involves students in learning to generate and apply new ideas in specific contexts, seeing existing situations in a new way, identifying alternative explanations, and seeing or making new links that generate a positive outcome. Creative thinking in practical situations can mean finding alternative ways to approach problems. Organisations are constantly changing, the economy around them is changing, the people are changing, the competition is changing, and the world is changing. Employers need people who won’t get locked into ways of doing things, people who can adjust.

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