The job search and the dating game share some common ground when it comes to finding the perfect match. If you’re looking for “the one” — whether it’s your dream girl or your dream job — waiting for the phone to ring can certainly be anxiety-inducing. Most of the time, success boils down to putting […]

Looking for an internship or graduate role at the end of the year? Then you’ll need to be clued up about what employers are looking for when recruiting. Do you have business acumen? Are you commercially aware? Do you even know what these terms mean? In all of our discussions with employers, time and time […]

The great Kiwi summer is finally beginning (at least here in Wellington). Someone even asked me ‘what are your plans for the summer?’ I’m pretty sure I could easily spend it lazing around with friends and family and having lovely weekend lie in’s but….I feel like I should be doing something more with my time…..I […]

Every social personality will have its good and bad, none is superior, or inferior to the rest. However, having an extremity in your social trait could be detrimental. For example, if you are someone who keeps on interrupting others with your thoughts and ideas, after a while, it could be quite annoying, irritating and even […]

We had a couple of events last week where networking was emphasised as a way to help discover the hidden job market and to connect with people who work for a company or industry that you are interested in. We try to have as many opportunities as possible for students to network by putting on careers […]

It is that time of year again where various disciplines are meeting to discuss novel ideas, innovations, or perhaps simply those time trusted debates. Reasons to get involved as a student: 1. Evaluate what jobs are out there Experience what it could be like to actually work in the field you’re studying. Perhaps you’ll be […]

Shaking hands – it seems simple right? But getting it wrong can give a very poor first impression and put you on the back foot (so to speak) before you’ve even started. A few days ago I shook hands with someone who had a very firm grip and held on for longer than I was […]