It is that time of year again where various disciplines are meeting to discuss novel ideas, innovations, or perhaps simply those time trusted debates. Reasons to get involved as a student: 1. Evaluate what jobs are out there Experience what it could be like to actually work in the field you’re studying. Perhaps you’ll be […]

Shaking hands – it seems simple right? But getting it wrong can give a very poor first impression and put you on the back foot (so to speak) before you’ve even started. A few days ago I shook hands with someone who had a very firm grip and held on for longer than I was […]

Next week, I’ll be attending two Careers Expos, very exciting! Countless opportunities and contacts in one place – definitely a must! My main intention is to make as many contacts as possible. However, I have a big problem: I can’t remember names… I could forget a person’s name as soon as he/she is introduced to […]

It’s the end of the week and I was looking for something a bit more inspiring to post and my colleague forwarded me this article on the BBC website. If you’re feeling a bit down or frustrated about your lack of job success, take a moment to read these inspiring stories and the comments attached. […]

It’s nearly October and end of term will be here before you know it!  Already students are starting to enquire about summer work or how to get a graduate job.  Many of you will have already heard the job hunting mantra….. Network, Network, Network!  Networking is important in the best of times, but in a […]

Our next Careers in Focus seminar is ‘Careers with a BA’ and it’s happening tomorrow night. We’ve been promoting it a lot so I hope all you Humanities and Social Science students have signed up! You still have time – click here: The second hour will be a chance for you to network with […]

It’s starting to get colder which can only mean winter is slowly but surely on its way. Speaking from experience I know the colder months can have a negative impact on the job search as the grey days do make it hard to stay motivated.  One of the ways to combat this is to get […]

Congratulations to Chiasma Wellington, which was launched at Te Papa last night. “Chiasma is New Zealand’s premier student-led organisation that fosters connections between science and business, connecting university students to high-tech industries.” The Wellington chapter is “dedicated to growing better links between students and industry, in order to produce students with industry relevant skills and […]

Here’s a true story of someone who has made it through to his first job, by choice and by chance. …but not by his grades! Johnny was having some difficulty in landing a job after his graduation. He has neither appealing grades nor great achievements. He decided to visit the companies that he’s interested in and […]

A big welcome to all new and returning students – we hope you have a great year here at Vic.  A big hello to all recent grads as well – remember you can still use Vic Careers to help you with your job search. There are 3 very good reasons why you need to come […]