The first best thing you should do in 2019…

I’ve purposefully chosen a title for this blog post that I imagine will be on many magazines covers this month. I understand why as the start of a new year is symbolic for new beginnings and does make many of us feel like we can start afresh. Having new year in the summer is even […]

I always find the start of January an interesting time as suddenly it’s all about starting over, starting fresh, out with the old in with the new, etc. I get why we do this, the start of a new year generally does inspire people to make changes and I’ve always felt lucky living in New […]

I like the start of a new year – a good holiday break, a fresh start and a new year to look forward to… In the beginning of the year, I usually will have this gigantic vision of what I would like to achieve in this new year. However, over the years, I realise that […]

It’s that time of the year again – the end of the current year and the beginning of a new year! Time to review and ask ourselves the following questions: Have I accomplished what I have set out to achieve this year? What’s my goal for the new year? What do I want to do with […]