I’m tired of reading career-related blogs about New Year resolutions. They tend to be accompanied by stock pictures of fist-pumping, high-fiving, fresh-faced young people in power suits who are clearly passionate about working in their glassy corner office on the 130th floor in downtown Manhattan. More realistic would be a picture of someone sunburnt and […]

There’s always a sense of freedom that accompanies the roll-over of a new year. We usually feel a renewed sense of optimism “this year I will do X” which results in lots of us making goals and resolutions (some which stick, some which don’t). Personally, I’m focusing on my well being which includes learning how […]

We all have good intentions at the start of a new year, with various form of new year’s resolution in circulation. However, how many of those have you achieved over the years? All 80% 50% 10% None! If you are like me, at the bottom of the list, maybe some motivation from the great thinkers […]