From the clean, stylish and contemporary to the colourful and quirky and everything in-between, here’s a quick look at some of the nicer settings that some people are fortunate enough to call their workplace. Which one’s your favourite? Continue reading

This is an afterthought from my last post, Thinking out loud: The OPEN plan.  It’s about resting during work, which gets harder once you’ve moved into open plan. In the OPEN plan post there’s a section about exposure overload in which I mentioned comments from open plan workers in the 1960s. This was based on a […]

Where you work The Office. You may have heard of it. The series, I mean (ref. English version). It’s a good example of today’s workplace, a union of strangers who are placed together to blend skills, ideas, personalities, musical tastes, idiosyncrasies body heat, food choices, gasses … Our office was moved into open-plan last year. […]