I’ve enrolled to do a postgraduate diploma which starts next month and will take me around 3 – 4 years to complete. I will be combining full time work with part time, distance study and since the last time I typed anything remotely academic was way back in 2001, when I completed my BA, it would be fair to say I am feeling slightly anxious.  At the same time though I am very excited to begin studying something I am really interested in. For those of you about to embark on the same type of journey you might find this article helpful.

It was very interesting going through the enrolment process at a University that is not Victoria, and finding out about what support services will be available to me whilst I study. One of the benefits in working for a student support service here at Vic is that I do know what services I can access and let me tell you, I fully intend to make use of EVERYTHING available to me.

The process did get me thinking about how our students and graduates utilise our careers service. We see a number of students at Vic Careers who are at the end of their undergraduate degree or starting their postgraduate degree who say they wish they’d known about us earlier. In contrast though, we get high school students coming to see us before they even start University. So, why does what we have to offer get through to some and not others? Is it simply whether you’re ‘ready’ to hear what we have to offer? Does it make a difference if you are a ‘second degree’ student versus a first time tertiary student?  

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