Self-confidence lies at the heart of many of the behaviours that we find attractive and impressive in others and affects our own ability to be successful and happy in our personal and working lives. Is this an over-statement? No. Is it easy to be confident if you are not? No. Should you still aim to increase your confidence? Absolutely. In an […]

For our staff Christmas party, “Ho Ho Homicide” murder mystery, I was allocated the part of Dasher. Naturally, Dasher was charged with keeping toy production and the sleigh team at warp speed. Just in case you’re thinking of a career in sleigh services, take this quiz to discover your inner Rudolph!  

Our ability to ‘read’, connect with and value another person, is a good indicator of how successful we are likely to be in building and maintaining personal and professional relationships over the entire course of our lives. This is often referred to as Emotional or Empathy Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence. It isn’t necessarily fixed; it can […]

Take a moment in your busy day to relax and enjoy a quick quiz. I came across this interesting quiz with some well-known quotes from famous people.  These motivational quotes can inspire you and change your perspective in life.  Or just to find out something you don’t already know of. Test yourself:  Do you know […]

Can you really be happy at work? Ready to jump up on a Monday morning and look forward to your work day? Some people might say….yeah, right – only in my dreams! Yet, every day, there are people who really look forward to going to work. How did they manage this? How did they get […]

You’ve heard it before, and you will continue to hear it throughout life. Change is constant. University (hopefully!) equips you to prepare for and adapt to a world that’s constantly changing. Technological innovations are continuously reshaping how we work, how we interact with people globally and how we view our world. New job titles spring […]