They say a change is as good as a rest, and I personally think the opposite is also true. A staycation is as good as a vacation and Easter weekend provided me with some much-needed time to recharge both physically and mentally. I felt like I was able to reconnect with Real Me and what’s important […]

I found this article on the Stuff website today. The American question and answer website, Quora, asked its users what were the best things you learned in your first job? A few of the responses are summarised in the article, tying them into 8 lessons for how to succeed in the workplace and you can also […]

In our team meeting today we talked about reflection and how could we encourage students to reflect on what they are learning in class as well as in their work and personal lives. Why should we help students to reflect though? As a mature student and someone who has been in the workforce for nearly […]

And so this is Christmas…what have you done? John Lennon asks this question in his iconic and much loved Christmas song. You may be entranced by the Christmas season, offended by it or both. You may associate the season with joy or distress or both. And of course there are millions on this planet […]

Everything is slowing down to an end… The town is bustling with shoppers… Functions are happening everywhere… Yes indeed – it’s Christmas time! A time for reflection, appreciation and celebrations. Has someone lighted up your life? Has someone pointed you to the right direction? Has someone given you a job? Has someone cleaned up your […]