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Over the last few months the Careers and Employment team converted a busy schedule of on-campus employer events to digital format. As we enter T2, we’re very excited to be offering on-campus events again, including sessions from Deloitte, GovTech and Oranga Tamariki. However, webinars are here to stay, and employers will also be engaging via this medium going forward. Since we got a crash course in digital networking, and observed many of […]

Yes – recruitment time is NOW (March) for internships and graduate roles. Is your online presence up to scratch? What would I see if I Googled you, Facebooked you, or looked you up on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter? The truth is most employers will use social media to screen applicants, check their personality, look at […]

You hear it all the time if you’ve been job searching or even thinking about getting work. If you’ve been to Vic Careers you would have heard it from us as well. Interpersonal Skills – one of the key set of skills most actively sought by employers. In fact, strong interpersonal skills always appear in […]

Another series of X Factor USA is currently airing on TV and with news that X Factor New Zealand will soon follow in its footsteps, I started to think about the whole premise of the ‘X Factor’. What exactly is it? And how does it translate in the career world? When researching for this blog […]

Here’s my favourite electronic resume. Why is a favourite…at least for now? It’s not often that I see a resume that is strategic, informative and which leaves a deep visual impression. It’s also not often that I feel personally engaged with the writer, recognising the personal, and in this case also professional, risk that is […]

While I was at university, I was told: “Focus on your study, get good grades and the rest will sort itself out! And play hard too, as long as good grades are maintained.” BUT that’s only half true… The truth is there are so many graduates out there, hunting for jobs. They too, have the […]